Using A Blog And Email Marketing

Creative content and simple online tools can help you connect with your audience providing them with informative content delivered directly to them. SM Collective can work with you to establish the right tools for you and even manage the tasks for you.

Tools To Consider And Building Your Database

Two ways to reach more customers is using email direct marketing (EDMs) and blogs. There are several creative ways to build your database. As you’re doing this, if you have different markets, ensure you categories your customers. For example, if you have two main groups of people who use your services, people aged 30-40 and then those aged 50-60, create two lists. This will allow you to develop tailored offers and campaigns specific to each – increasing leads and conversion. You can of course have the one list for all for when there’s more general information that will apply to all.

When To Connect

Only write when you have something of value to offer. Sending an e-newsletter or writing a blog for the sake of it can turn potential clients away. For EDMs, research what your competitors are doing and develop offers or hooks that are different. Make your offer’s timely, for example, book between August and September to receive free room hire.

When blogging, think about who you’re writing for and always keep it relevant and don’t push your products or services too much – a blog is information giving not for the hard sell.

Quick tips for a great EDM

Ensure it:

  • Is personal
  • Provides value (be it new information, a discount, tip)
  • Includes timely and relevant information
  • Is in line with your goals and audience
  • Is appealing/engaging (includes videos, images, diagrams)
  • Shares a story (rather than simply promotes or sells a product).

When done well, email marketing can:

  • Ensure your business is front of mind
  • Share your key messages directly with your audience
  • Save money as it’s far cheaper than direct marketing (advertising – ‘push marketing’)
  • Provide another avenue to promote your other networks i.e. Facebook, Twitter
  • Enable you to learn more about your audience (market insights – gauge reader satisfaction, experiences).

To find out if a blog or EDM should be part of your marketing plan, call Sarah today on 0435 649 790.

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