Content, content, content

I’m asked wherever I go – “Sarah, what can I do to improve my website’s performance?” How much time do you have?! In short, ensure your website’s content is up to date and includes new and quality content.

You probably already have a ‘Blog’ or ‘News’ tab so now’s the time to start using it. Google favours websites that post new, well written content regularly. Its new search algorithm called Hummingbird aims to provide better results for people searching via their mobile. 

If you’re not sure what to write about, start by describing how the services you offer will actually help your target audience. Or what sets you apart from your competitors?

For example, a beauty clinic that offers a facial for acne prone skin may talk about the skin analysis that takes place during the consultation and then discuss how the products used will benefit the skin.

Or a residential real estate agent may share five tips to help you get your home ready for an open home.

Write down questions you’re often asked and then centre your posts on these answers. Another really easy way to add new and relevant content to your website is to sign up to email alerts that are relevant to your industry, or connect and follow other industry experts via social media.

This will allow you to share the information they provide – this will save you time while helping you achieve your objective of adding new content, and more importantly, you’ll be providing useful and relevant content your target audience can learn from.

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