Creating a Professional Bio That Sells

When someone asks ‘So what do you do?’ it’s simple for many people to rattle off what they do and what their key service offerings are. But when it comes to putting pen to paper and creating a well written professional bio, a true case of writers block can set in.

Your professional bio or ‘About Us’ page on your website is your opportunity to educate potential clients about how you can successfully address their problems and thus prompt them to make an enquiry.

Unfortunately however, talking about yourself can seem a little righteous or in my experience, people simply don’t know what to write in order to best ‘sell’ themselves without sounding pushy or too sure of themselves.

Your Bio. Your Story.

I’ve now worked with a number of people from different industries to help them create a bio. After a brief meeting or phone call, I learn about some of what they do. I then draft several questions for them to answer, which provides me with enough information to create a tailored, well written, professional bio or copy for their  ‘About Us’ page.

What The Client Says

Here’s what Jade Varley, JVA Coaching says about her experience with engaging me to write her bio:

I engaged Sarah McAtamney to prepare a Speakers Bio and a Profile for my website after I realised that it was in fact really difficult to sell yourself.  I would either write far too little or keep drafting it again and again. Sarah was great as she stepped in straight away (I had a really tight timescale to meet) and she was more than helpful.  

Not only did she respond quickly but she also prepared something personal and professional in a way that I would never have been able to do myself.  She has a fabulous way with words and I highly recommend her for anything to do with writing.

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