Developing a tagline for your business

Working with new businesses, we’re asked what makes a perfect tagline. With your target audience in mind, do some research and ask them to describe how they perceive your business; if you already have clients, as them this question too. It’s also an effective way to find out if the way your target market sees your business is actually in line with how you envisaged they would. 

Jot down up to 10 statements of no more than seven words in each that describe the result someone will encounter by using your services or product.

For example, if you’re a charity that helps people with a disease that actually has far more side affects than the public realise, and one of your goals is to educate and clarify misconceptions about the disease, your tagline may results in something like: ‘Breaking down misconceptions about X’ or ‘Positively changing misconceptions about X’.

Your list may contain statements that are very similar, but by making the list and asking other people for their thoughts, it can help you identify the best words to describe your business and thus develop your tagline.

Remember, your tagline along with your overall branding ultimately has to appeal to your target market. People can often become emotionally involved and make choices they personally like. Just because you love an animal, doesn’t mean it should appear in your branding (yes, we’ve been asked…!). Therefore, asking external people for their feedback will help you gain a perspective from people who won’t have an emotional attachment to your business and who’ll give you honest feedback.

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