Facebook: what about negative comments?

Facebook was introduced in 2004 and since then, the number of people using the social network is in the millions. Facebook has undergone numerous changes during its life from being a place where users could connect socially online, to a platform where businesses can increase their exposure and connect with customers. 

David Wallace in Search Engine Journal reports the average user spends three hours a day on social media with 665 million users logging on to Facebook every day. Search Engine Journal also states social media is nearly twice as successful as traditional marketing methods, such as trade shows and direct mailing, and that it generates 13 percent more lead conversions than other methods.

With statistics like this, why are so many businesses reluctant to join the ever popular social media platform? The most common we hear is that businesses are worried people may publicly post negative comments about them. While this is a fair comment, if people aren’t happy with your product or service, wouldn’t you want to know about this and resolve the problem?
For example, you’re a café selling coffee people try once and don’t come back even though you’re in a location with high foot traffic. The real reason is people think your coffee is bitter.

However, if you have an active Facebook page where you pro-actively ask people for their feedback, you have a higher chance of quickly learning people think the coffee is bitter, so you can stock an alternative blend or assess the way you or your staff are making the coffees.

Of course there are other factors that will also determine the overall success of your business, however investing time and money into a social media strategy can help you understand and engage with audiences, which may lead to more conversions. A final tip is to never ignore a comment; you wouldn’t ignore a customer waiting at your front counter or a phone inquiry so it’s important you treat Facebook comments with the same regard.

Refer to our blog ‘Tips for using Facebook’ for simple steps on managing your Facebook page and feel free to call us on 0435 649 790 if you need help managing your social media. Happy posting.

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