Maintaining A Good Database To Leverage Email Marketing

Whether you’re a start up or you’ve been in business for a while, keeping a database is something that should not be overlooked.

If you have a new product, new online tutorial or how to film, or special offer, take advantage of your database and implement email marketing to notify your readers about it. 

Ideas For Content 

Your previous clients may be a great source for new clients. As part of a reactivation campaign, send a personalised email from the CEO letting them know you’re still in business, what you’ve been up to and perhaps an offer (dinner or movie voucher) to them if they refer a friend – quality content is key though so plan well what you would like to say and why it is you’re emailing them.

Regardless of your target audience, your content must add value to your reader and avoid coming across with a hard sell or be spam. Make sure the reason for sending the email is clear and of course – coming from a copywriter – it must be well written with no spelling mistakes or jargon!

If you’re still sending emails to your database by attaching a word document, you probably have no idea who’s reading it and who’s deleting it. Mail Chimp is just on of the many cost effective email marketing tools that allows you to send a well branded email that is easily measured.

Content That Isn’t Annoying

Email marketing might be one tactic used in your over all marketing strategy. When speaking with new clients, find out from them how they prefer you to communicate with them and how often. Ensure only those who have agreed to subscribe to your list are on your database and lastly, they’ve given you their email address, so give them something in return; that they can use and benefit from in exchange for their personal information and willingness to hear from you.

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