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Sarah was hired as acting PR manager for Asthma Australia while their PR manager took November off. The project was approached using a scope of works that consisted of several press releases, media liaison, media training and reporting. It quickly progressed into a crisis management role as November 2019 turned out to be one of the busiest months with unprecedented bush fires and hazardous air quality conditions – impacting millions of people nationally.

Due to being nimble, diligent and opportunistic, Sarah secured media opportunities with many national media outlets from ABC, Today Show, Nine and Ten News, Radio National and countless more. As the graph to the left shows, Asthma Australia received its highest amount of coverage (in dollar value and audience reach) with Sarah as acting PR manager.

PR, content development, media relations, reporting & crisis management

The PR project consisted of a defined scope of works including creating press content, pitching and securing media opportunities for new research projects, medicine updates and general asthma health news.

However, the project quickly turned in a fast-paced crisis management role as many states across Australia burned. This was leveraged to Asthma Australia’s advantage as Sarah issued several alerts and press releases placing its CEO Michelle Goldman as the go-to for asthma and respiratory health information during this unprecedented weather event. As a result, millions of dollars worth of coverage was achieved as Asthma Australia’s key messages reached millions of people.

Feedback received

Thank you so much for all of your wonderful efforts for Asthma Australia while Teresa was on leave. Your attitude and commitment to us and getting the work done was fantastic. I know that asthma is not a simple topic to understand, but you did a stellar job.

Kathy Packenas, General Manager – Marketing, Communications and Engagement

Just seconding Kathy’s comments, we greatly appreciate you coming on board to help us out whilst Teresa was away. It was wonderful to know the PR work was in capable hands.

Michele Goldman, Chief Executive Officer

As a result, Sarah continued to provide PR support into December and future months. Due to copyright, media coverage examples aren’t provided.

Scope & tasks:

  • Public relations & crisis management
  • Create newsworthy stories & editorials
  • Client & talent liaison
  • Media relations including photo ops
  • Campaign summary & PR reporting
  • Media training & speech notes
  • Update of databases including media contacts & case studies
  • ClientAsthma Australia
  • Industry Not-for-Profit / Health
  • ServicesPR, Media Relations & Crisis Management
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