Using Video Marketing To Promote Your Business

You’ve heard it before: a picture can tell a thousand words – so imagine what video marketing can do when it comes to promoting your business.

Last week, I was lucky enough to partner with a Brisbane based production company whose client is one of the world’s leading franchises. According to the brief, many franchisees get involved with this particular business as they feel the strength of the brand and its notoriety is sound enough that they think the business will run itself. So we’ve been asked to use video marketing and create an internal video to educate and motivate franchise owners and staff so they become more motivated and work together to deliver the best product possible.

With this in mind, I was engaged to write a script up to two minutes that will be partnered with motion graphics a voice over.

Why Use Video Marketing?

Prior to starting SM Collective, I worked as a producer creating online commercials, mainly for the real estate and construction industries. Often I would receive a 48 page – double sided- information memorandum ‘selling’ a new residential or commercial development. The document would be anywhere up to 60 MB – and this was emailed to potential investors locally and overseas (if it actually made it through peoples’ email filters and they could actually download it).

I would take this content heavy ‘sales tool’, identify the key messages and selling points and work with an video editor and if necessary, a cinema-photographer to create a script that would be engagingshort and sharp. The film would generally be uploaded to Youtube with the link being sent to anyone, anywhere in the world hitting their inbox within seconds!

Using Animation To Engage And Tell A Story 

MoneyFit is a new business concept that is the brainchild of Max and Annette Culley. The product aims to help people better manage their finances. Because it’s a little tricky to explain, Max decided to use an animated film with motion graphics to describe what it is. After meeting with Max and Annette, I drafted questions for them to answer, which I then used to write the script.

As part of the script writing,  I usually include my ideas for the visuals, which a motion graphics artist brings to life. The outcome is an engagingfun and informative animation that Max can email to anyone, anywhere – how convenient is that!

If you are considering video marketing, call 0435 649 790 to discuss.

Whether it’s in internal instructional video, or a radio ad you’re chasing, SM Collective can help with all stages from creative development and script writing to arranging the voice over artist and motion graphics. So call today!

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