What Google’s Hummingbird means for your business

Social Barrel have published a great article discussing Google’s newest search algorithm, Hummingbird and what this means for businesses. In summary, the article states:

The crux of ranking well in Google’s search listings still hinges on original and relevant content.

Google is heading toward providing more targeted and useful search results while weeding out less relevant listings. This means that the people who find your listings are more likely to be looking for the service or product that you are providing. …They’re also likely to be looking for it in your area. …Google aims to deliver stronger leads to your website.


It continues by saying the new search algorithm, Hummingbird is faster than the previous search algorithms – represents a completely new direction in addressing searches. 

Other points to note:

1. Searches are more semantic – or conversational – than they were before, which means that “who,” “where,” “when,” “why” and “how” questions are going to generate more targeted results. 

2. Limited content is actually going to be displayed in the margins alongside the actual search listings, so that users will be able to find basic answers to their questions without actually having to click through to third-party websites. This could actually be a downside for businesses, as it has the potential of keeping traffic away from your website.

The aim of the change is to deliver better and more relevant search results quicker.

Furthermore, given the increasing importance of mobile queries, that same designer is going to emphasise the locality of the client’s business. When mobile users search, very specific location information is attached to their queries, and this specific information is going to affect which results Google returns. The right business, answering the right questions in the right place is going to enjoy higher rankings – at least for the searches that could most benefit it.

The new emphasis in Google searches is now on answers rather than mere information or data. The algorithm goes beyond keywords and better understands queries, and that puts some small businesses in a good position to pull ahead.

It’s time to start tweaking and tailoring your company’s website content to transcend keywords. By incorporating reason and rationale into website content, you can increase your chances of ranking in highly targeted, conversational searches that have the potential to lead to more sales.

This is going to require updates, rewrites and entirely new suites of content. 

To read the full article, click here. If you would like to check if your website is in order, email info@smcollective.com.au.

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